1957 Ray Bradbury To Launch the Crowd Series

Perhaps no summer as this one of its centenary Not only because of the atmosphere of a fantastic story wrapped up in the everyday one would only need to imagine the Montag firefighters Martians.

The traveling fair or the morbid passers-by from the chilling tale Crowd with Masks but because it is a vacation back to the close, to enjoy those things that eluded us with the great trips parties social commitments.

It’s a summer like the one (1957) Ray Bradbury’s beautiful novel about his childhood and that it is the most lyrical work of a writer who was an avid reader of poetry all his life (Frost among his great influences) and was soaked as few by it in his narrative.

As in that melancholic story, starring an alter ego Douglas Spaulding 12 years old a hypersensitive Tom Sawyer, it’s time to make dandelion wine, drink lemonade on the porch and put on shoes.

New sneakers to feel the sensation of being released on the grass of an unrepeatable summer, aware of the ephemeral nature of our steps and our existence, the fear and wonder of being alive. That’s pure Bradbury.

Also his own childhood and the fictional town of Green Town (Illinois), which reproduced the original Waukegan of the writer, his Arcadia of sarsaparilla of the Midwest the bases of another of the great Bradbury novels that nobody should stop reading, La Fair of Darkness (1962), with more fantastic elements.

Carousel that allows you to go back in time, the sinister fairies under the invocation of the Macbeth witches original title is a line from the tragedy, Something wicked this way comes but the same extreme sensitivity when explaining feelings, be they love, terrors or nostalgia for the human being. In that novel, one of the most beautiful father-son relationships in literature appears.

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