20 Women Have Accused Doctor Who Actor Noel Clarke of Sexual Misconduct

noel clarke

British actor Noel Clarke’s director said on Friday he would seek professional help to “improve the situation” after 20 women came forward and accused him of sexual harassment, intimidation, and intimidation.

Clarke starred in “Doctor Who” and created the trilogy of films “Childhood”, “Adults” and “Sisterhood.” Clark said he “strongly” denied any sexual misconduct or criminal conduct.

He said in a statement: “However, recent reports have made it clear to me that some of my actions have affected people in ways that I did not intend or did not realize.” “I apologize for those people. I will seek professional help to educate myself and make myself better.”

Clarke, 45, issued a statement the day after the “Guardian” newspaper speech, saying he had spoken with 20 women who accused him of misconduct, including sexual harassment and wrongdoing. Necessary touching, inappropriate behavior, and bullying behavior. The newspaper named several of the women.

Earlier this month, BAFTA presented Clarke, 45, with the Outstanding British Film Contribution Award. According to the “Guardian” report, this award is said to be the last straw for many of her accusers, who have since appeared in public for repeated accusations of abuse of power and harassment of female colleagues.

Clarke firmly denied the allegations, and the British Free Trade Agreement (BAFTA) admitted receiving anonymous tips on these allegations but insisted there was insufficient evidence to investigate.

After the allegations were published, the British Film Academy canceled Clark’s membership and suspended the award this month for his outstanding contribution to the British film industry.

Sky Broadcasting Corporation said it would suspend cooperation with Clark, and the ITV television channel withdrew the latest episode of the crime series “Viewpoint” starring Clark, which is scheduled to air on Friday. The station stated that it “has a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, harassment, and victimization.”

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