5 things that everyone is expecting in Apple’s October event

Apple October event

For Apple enthusiasts, 2020 was a very great year, with a new product launch event announced almost every month.   Two events were held last year.  Apple Watch Series 7, iPhone 13, 2021 iMac, and M1 iPads were revealed in the events. However, there is news which suggested that tech giant Apple is all set to surprise up its users in 2021.

Apple is definitely expected to release more new devices before the end of this year. There’s also another event scheduled for this month. And, with the removal of gadgets to get ready for a refresh. Apple has many devices that it might think of upgrading. Here are a few gadgets that might be released at this event.

MacBook Pro

There are several rumors going around about an upgrade to Apple’s M1 MacBook Pro, which was released last year. The M1X upgrade to the M1 processor is said to have increased power, speed, and efficiency.

In terms of appearance, this might be the first MacBook Pro with an LED display, and it appears that two new screen sizes, including a new 15-inch model, are going to release. And, given that the MacBook Pro is getting on in years, everyone is looking for a new design and some colors similar to the 2021 iMac.


Many people were shocked that none of Apple’s AirPods received an upgrade during last month’s event. There were rumors that both the AirPods and AirPods Pro will get an upgrade very soon. Although the regular AirPods are said to take design influences from the AirPods Pro, some very exciting new capabilities for the AirPods Pro itself have been also been speculating. It is said that it can also be used with your teeth.

Apple Watch Series 7

While the new Apple Watch was revealed last month, Apple has yet to reveal when it will be put up for sales. For Apple enthusiasts, it is a must-have accessory. It even has a new edge-to-edge or more like an infinity display. It is reportedly the best Apple display ever, as well as improved health monitoring. Hopefully, Apple will announce the release date at this event.

Macbook Air

This one can be a little untrue, but there are a few rumors about Apple’s next lightest laptop. The new Air appears teased to be a total design change, might be inspired by the new iMac, and is said to have many color variants. Furthermore, rumors say that even the Air will also have an LED display. However, all rumors say that it will be released in 2022. Enthusiasts might have to wait a bit longer.

Apple VR Headset

Details about the upcoming Apple’s VR headgear have been speculating for a while. Most rumors claiming that the virtual reality gadget will require to connect to an iPhone in order to work. This VR headgear is also heavily rumored for 2022. But, Apple might surprise us with this release. The rumored leaks make sense for a lightweight “Apple Glass” gadget, but not so much for a bigger VR headgear. Apple has been said to be working on both, despite the fact that no official announcement has been made.

Time will tell if the company is planning more things to release in 2021. If that’s true, invitations for the event will be given soon.

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