81 Years In Search Of The Memory Of Grandfather Eladio

81 years in search of the memory of grandfather Eladio.

Jorge Delgado’s journey to discover the fate of his ancestor concludes 81 years after his execution with a monument on the site where he was buried.

81 years after the execution of their relatives in Ciudad Real by Franco’s troops, Jorge Delgado and Carmen Mancha have been able to know for the first time the place where they were buried. In a corner of the Piedrabuena cemetery, a commemorative plaque with the name of Eladio Mora Bastante, Jorge Delgado’s grandfather, recovers part of the memory that is still buried in mass graves.

Thanks to ten years of work by the UNED ‘ Memory Maps ‘ project in Ciudad Real, Delgado finally knows what happened to his grandfather and remembers his grandmother’s words and suffering while having the opportunity to compare the official documents of the time.

Another of the stories rescued from oblivion is that of the family of Carmen Mancha, an ESO teacher in Madrid. His grandfather, Anastasio Godoy, was shot in 1941 and buried in the grave of the Ciudad Real municipal cemetery. Before dying, he corresponded with his wife, Benita Lillo.

Now both she and her granddaughter dare to reread several of those letters between their grandparents thanks to this project. “I am sure that if my mother, who is 87 years old, has started to speak out, it is because of this initiative,” says Carmen Mancha.

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