Amazon cuts subscription on lossless music as Apple enters the competition

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Faced with new competition from Apple, Amazon announced today that it will no longer charge additional fees for the “HD” layer of Amazon Music, which allows customers to stream audio on CD or higher quality. From now on, lossless audio will be provided to all Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers for free. Billboard is the first to report on the development.

This makes Amazon the first company to offer lossless music at the industry standard subscription fee of $ 9.99. For Prime customers, Amazon Music Unlimited is even cheaper ($ 7.99 per month). Yes, now, customers who pay that price can also use high-quality audio. Family plans can use Amazon Music HD for free, but student plans are tax-free. Before Amazon entered the photos, the current price for a lossless music subscription was $ 19.99; this is what Tidal continues to charge.

What makes this change possible? Well, as Billboard pointed out, now all the heavyweights in music streaming are starting to use lossless audio, and record companies are more concerned with increasing the total number of subscribers to these services, rather than requiring fees for Higher subscriptions for Hi-Fi audio.

On the same day that Apple announced the release of lossless audio on Apple Music, the price of Amazon Music HD dropped. Late last week, rumors began to circulate about the possibility of rumors, with Apple teasing major news over the weekend. The company’s Apple Music Android app leaked these details prematurely and said an announcement would be made soon.

Amazon Music HD has always performed well on Amazon. A previous report from Billboard indicated that the service has grown 100% year-over-year. The service offers more than 70 million CD-quality songs, of which more than 7 million are “Ultra HD” quality.

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