Apple’s Apple Car Will Allegedly Enter Production With Support From LG and Magna

Apple Car

Here’s another round of Apple Car rumors, guys. According to a report by The Korea Times on Tuesday, the tech giant is about to sign a partnership with South Korean LG and Canadian manufacturing giant Magna International. These three will put the long-rumored Apple Car into production.
None of the three companies immediately issued a request for comment on this report, but according to a Korean newspaper source, Apple will buy an electric powertrain designed by LG’s Magna, which will be responsible for the car’s production. This transaction should go public sometime this year.
However, we have been here before. Earlier this year, Apple is reportedly poised to cooperate with Hyundai Motor’s Hyundai and Kia brands to put Apple Car into production. However, the negotiations ended without any agreement, with the South Korean automaker confirming in February that it would no longer discuss the relationship with the project. Since then, Apple has been reported to be buying close to other potential partners. That led us to LG and Magna. LG has a deep understanding of electric vehicle batteries and powertrains, and Magna will bring its production expertise to the Apple project. Building a car is difficult, and Apple may not want to do it under the protection of its own company.
The vehicle remains a mystery. In the last ten years, little news and rumors about the project have surfaced from time to time. Notoriously well known internally due to Apple Car’s efforts, Project Titan crashed and burned two years ago when the company switched to automotive-related software. However, since the beginning of this year, rumors that the company is putting physical cars into production have again intensified. It may include Apple’s own software, as well as possible sports battery technology, which the company believes may be a game changer.
But until Apple is ready to speak, we can only report what we hear and do our best to sniff out the facts. However, the cooperation between Magna and LG is more likely than any automaker that has jumped out of a building.

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