Battlegrounds India Exceeds All Expectations, and it Hasn’t Even Released Yet!

Battlegrounds Mobile India has more than 5 million downloads in its early access stage and is available to everyone in the country. South Korean developer Krafton shared the development process through in-game notifications and offered rewards to thank Indian players. 

The game was opened for download by some testers on June 17, and on June 18, the number of downloads has exceeded 5 million. Battlegrounds Mobile India is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile that was banned in the country last September. Krafton provided each Battlegrounds Mobile India player with a classic cash voucher, thanks to their 5 million downloads. The event screen of the game displays a “gift of 5 million downloads” notification, which reads: “Thank India! We celebrated 5 million downloads, and we thank you for this additional gift! Please enjoy!”

Players will be rewarded with a free coupon, which they can use to open classic boxes to get random rewards. Only two days before the game is available for download, the first day is only for Beta testers. Krafton opened a beta test for a limited number of users on June 17, and almost immediately filled the vacancy. You can check our first impression of the game. Later, it announced that the Early Access version is now available for everyone to use, and it provides more slots in the test program. Players who join in the early access stage will receive a supply box coupon, two EXP cards, and a 2x BP card. It is not surprising to see so many players participating, because Battlegrounds Mobile India has been eagerly looking forward to it for nearly nine months. The game is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile that was banned in the country last September. At the beginning of last month, “Battlegrounds Mobile India” was pre-registered in the Google Play store. 

By the first week of this month, its pre-registration volume had exceeded 20 million. 5 million downloads seem to be the first milestone for this extremely popular game that has not yet landed on iOS devices. 

PUBG Mobile was initially banned along with hundreds of other applications due to ties with the Chinese company; as far as this game is concerned, this is an important video. On the occasion of the ban, PUBG Studio (owned by Krafton, South Korea’s largest company) announced that it will relaunch in the region, providing Indian players with new custom features, including changing the color to the blood, and clearly framing the game as a “game field” “Virtual simulation training. “TechCrunch writes that in addition to modified body fluids-part of the long tradition of censoring violent descriptions in games-and reminding that the game is not real, Battlegrounds seems to be the same as PUBG Mobile. 

Obviously, there is even a way to easily transfer your account From the old game to the new game. The real big changes may not be obvious. The main reason for the Indian government’s ban is to worry about where user data is transmitted. He thinks that such data is sent outside India (read: China). Uncomfortable. G Studio announced that it is severing ties with Tencent in India and transferring the hosting of games to the country’s Microsoft Azure data center, which may solve the problem long before any green blood.

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