Broadway Actors Protest, Want Inclusion and Also the Removal of Producer Scott Rudin

Scott Rudin

More than 100 Broadway and stage actors, staff, and workers held a rally Thursday, demanding that Scott Rudin resign entirely and demanding that the industry increase diversity. The award-winning film, television, and drama producer Rudin has been accused of intimidating and harassing employees.

Natalie Randall, the organizer of the march, said: “We want to exclude Scott Rudin from the Broadway League.”

Rudin retired from his current and future Broadway and film projects, including Hugh Jackman’s and Sutton Foster’s revival of The Musician on Broadway. This was done after a recent exposition published by The Hollywood Reporter detailing allegations of bullying, harassment, and abuse of current and former employees.

Last week, Rudin announced his decision and apologized in the statement. “After a period of reflection, I decided to withdraw from the activity of actively participating in Broadway plays, effective immediately. My role will be filled by others in the Broadway community and in some cases, from the list of participants, those shows. they are already in place, “the statement said.

“There have been many reports about the history of disturbing interactions between my colleagues and I, and I deeply regret the personal pain that my actions have caused directly or indirectly. I am now taking the steps that I should have taken years ago to fix this behavior. “

Despite this, protesters on Thursday called for Rudin to be removed from office and become a producer for the Broadway League. Courtney Daniels, the march organizer, said: “Scott can still be a silent partner.” “We want him to be exiled by the Broadway League. We want him to be exiled and put on the list of prohibited works.” 

In addition to Rudin’s removal, the march also listed five other requirements related to inclusion, safety, and visibility, such as the list of indigenous groups that BIPOC is working with and the Actor Equity Association. They also demanded greater participation from transgender and non-binary artists, demanded diversity in the National Commission for Interpreter Equity, and provided accessibility services for deaf and disabled artists, and presented a report detailing the annual payment method for the fees of the actor 2019-2020.

People who participated in the parade filled Times Square and walked down Broadway with signs and posters marked with their shouts of protest. One protester said: “Representatives with disabilities do not have to be alone in representations about disability.” “We can play any role.”

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