Classic Poe Childhood Horror Films to Be Live On TV

Deep down is the same poignant and terrible stories that Bradbury always tells whether they take place in the arcadian past future or another planet.

It is the personal universe that he coined from his astonished childhood in adventure and horror films, in comics, in pulp literature then in the classics Poe in the long hours of the public library.

He said that one day when he was little fair-minded man Mr. Electric, had touched him and told him “Live forever”, dedicating him to wonder would have liked to be a magician and he never stopped having that umbilical cord with his child self, which is one of the great features of any good writer.

He wrote about twenty novels and half a thousand stories including the seminal butterfly theory, A thunderous sound, with its dinosaur hunters taken to the cinema and now reissued by with such celebrated collections as Illustrated Man .

And also a book about his unusual relationship with John Huston when he wrote for the filmmaker, in a display of literary virtuosity, the script for Moby Dick.

Fahrenheit 451 is his great science fiction novel and his creation best made into a movie by Truffaut, although every time you see the 1983 adaptation of The Fair in the Dark.

Jason Robards you like it more and the only one in the world. A genre that he wrote, as he himself said, that described everything else as fantasy or horror (see his shocking tales of October Country, which have so influenced Stephen King).

In any case, they are the Martian Chronicles (1950), which are still completely alive and move reading after reading, the pinnacle of his work.

Conservative, believing, visionary of the future without a driver’s license, Bradbury nevertheless felt comfortable in Los Angeles, after all, Hollywood was the Mecca of his childhood dreams (he had his own star on the Walk of Fame), and he worked hard for the then new medium of television, where he often materialized his fantasies.

His modernity had limits and although he very politely thanked the irreverent tribute in the form of a song and music video Fuck me Ray Bradbury which he dedicated to him for his 90 years Rachel Bloom, there is no doubt that some verses.

He would have liked to be the first terrestrial buried on Mars, to have his ashes sent to the red planet in a Campbell’s soup can for now he rests in a grave with his longtime wife, Maggie, in a Los Angeles cemetery.

But let’s not rule out that one day they may move it to the terrain of Mars baptized with its name, the 2012 landing site of the Curiosity rover. It would be justice, and a precious culmination to his eternal Martian.

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