Creator of Attack on Titan Responds to Criticism of the Series Finale

attack on titan

Last month, when the final chapter of “Attack on Titan” (Attack on Titan) was released, the end of the era had arrived. This popular comic was closed after being in print for more than a decade, and fans around the world are eager to see how it ends. After all, readers have spent many years on Eren and the gang, so the investment in these characters reached the highest record before the end. Now, the author of “Attack on Titan” addresses critics who have questions about the outcome.

Recently, I Mountain had a conversation with editor Kodansha, who had overseen “Attack on Titan” for a long time. The artist spoke freely about the ending there, and Shan said that he understood why some fans got stuck in the ending. After all, the ending is dark and the war is not resolved, which is why many “Attack on Titan” characters have paid for their lives.

According to Twitter user AttackOnFans, Isayama still feels like he didn’t fully express his message like in the comics. He “realized that orgasm was a very difficult subject for him. Therefore, he regretted not being able to express it correctly in the comics. He thought it would please everyone in the last chapter. So, those who disappointed him, the people regret it. ” but I appreciate your support ”. The translator explained.

Obviously, Shan heard the criticism loud and clear. Although most of our favorites survived the war, the attack on Titan fans did not prepare for the end of the story. However, the two characters who suffer the most are Sanika and Ellen. In view of the nature of his crime, the latter died as expected, and Saint M chose to live in isolation after killing her loved one. It’s difficult for fans to accept this choice, and Isayama could clarify more options soon.

After all, the latest chapter of “Attack on Titan” seems to have a few pages cut off. Sa Shan said he saved eight pages for fans. This additional content is expected to be included in the final volume of the manga, so here I hope that these good things can bring a sense of closure to fans who are dissatisfied.


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