Eric Adams to discuss gun violence with Joe Biden in the White House

Democratic mayoral candidate Eric Adams will go to the White House on Monday to discuss ways to combat gun violence with President Biden.

 The Democratic candidate for the mayor of the city, Adams, received a congratulatory call from Biden after the primary election last week. The president thanked him for his efforts. Other city and law enforcement leaders and Attorney General Merrick Garland (Merrick Garland) will also attend, as Biden is expected to talk about federal efforts to curb the flow of illegal guns. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of deaths in major cities across the country has soared. As the nation promotes police reform, the crime rate is rising, which poses a challenge to leaders seeking to solve the problem. Former New York Police Chief Adams discussed Biden’s plan to tackle gun violence on CNN on Sunday and praised the president for paying attention to the use of g by people in black cities instead of focusing on assault rifles used in less frequent mass shootings. Violence.

“I believe those priorities, they really were misplaced, and it’s almost insulting but we have witnessed over the last few years,” Adams said.

“They knew they were dealing with this real crisis, and it took this president to state that it is time for us to stop ignoring what is happening in the South Side of Chicagos, in the Brownsvilles, in the Atlantas of our country.”

Adams also responded to the comments of the White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein. He compared Adams with the Biden alliance. He said: “I  duplicated it.” He called himself ” “proud of what the president did.”

“They wanted not a government of just an ideological approach, but a pragmatic approach of, we want to be safe, we want to be employed, we want to be able to educate our children,” Adams said.

President Joe Biden will be meeting with Eric Adams to discuss gun violence.

“When I saw the president speak in a blue-collar, plain talk, [he] understood the needs of everyday Americans, I was encouraged,” he added.

“I stood my ground, and that was a pathway that I knew, and the numbers really communicated clearly. We captured four of the five boroughs, everyday, blue-collar, New Yorkers. I’m a blue-collar candidate, and I’m proud of what the president did.”

As a hot spot for the next mayor of New York City, Adams has said that after he takes office, curbing gun violence in New York will be the top priority. This candidate is considered a moderate on policing issues. While outlining a series of reforms, he publicly opposed the alleged underfunding of the police movement, and mayor Bill de Blasio (Bill de Blasio) may get Success, he suggested that even New Yorkers who have been vaccinated should wear a mask. . While inside.

“I believe we should err on the side of being cautious,” he said on CNN.

“Whatever we can do to ensure that we don’t repeat the pandemic experience that we had, we should lean into that.”

On Sunday morning, ABC’s Adams continued his victory on national television, again declaring that Democrats across the country should learn from his victory.


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