Facebook’s Ray Ban Smart Glasses launched !

Once again, Facebook is back with the release of its long waited-for smart glasses in collaboration with Ray-Ban. Thus, Facebook cooperation has also laid the foundations to set up its name in the wearables market and aims to capture pictures rather than the hiking reality.

On Thursday, via their social media handle exhibited their latest glasses called ‘Ray-Ban stories- a direct rival to Snapchat’s Spectacles.’ The glasses have a market value of around $299, and they utilize the EssilorLuxottica SA, which is possessed by the classic Wayfarer frame style of the Ray-Ban.

These glasses are mainly a boon to the users as they offer many of the features, such as capturing snaps and making videos. Additionally, one can listen to music and also answer phone calls. However, the glasses don’t support a few of the features such as AR, this is the technology that covers the digital content to the public. But, the Facebook corporation has made sure to work on ut and be back with these enhanced features very soon.

The product director of Facebook, Monisha Perkash in an interview said, “We are building towards AR glasses as the next computing platform. We see it as a very important first step towards that vision.”

The facebook corporation is with the passing time entering the blindly crowded market. In 2016, Snapchat, the popular multimedia instant messaging app for the first time launched the glasses and also offers the camera to shoot the videos. In 2019, Amazon.com Inc. also released its smart glasses to receive calls and also to handle the Alexa-related functions but it too not offer any AR-related functions.

In May, Snap also announced the latest version of the glasses that mainly feature AR capabilities, although those features are not yet available to the users. Although, Apple Inc. is planning to soon jump the glasses space and soon this era with AR-capable alms.

Speaking more of these glasses then they are very much similar to the aspects range of classic Ray-Bans, but they offer a more plain appearance concealed with an array of varying smart features. These features are embedded Bluetooth 5.0, dual 5-megapixel camera sensors, and also there is a feature of Wi-Fi feature to synchronize with a phone. In addition, the user can avail the benefit of a sound battery, enough storage for 500 pictures, and yes the speakers as well.

Additionally, the touch area is provided on the right side of the spectacles for managing music, taking up the call, and also aids the voice assistant. Users can easily adjust the volume levels as per their requirements, tap to play, pause the music, and also skip. Also, there is an option for double-tap to answer or reject any of the calls alongside a basic Facebook assistant.

Notably, the Facebook administration has not yet made any of the announcements about the release date of these AR glasses in the market, but they have been working on a long-term strategy to develop the stuff directed byMark Zuckerberg, the Chief Executive Officer of Facebook.

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