Frank McRae, Former James Bond Star and Football Player, Succumbs to Heart Attack

James Bond star Frank McRae has died at the age of 80. His daughter confirmed to Variety that the actor had died of a heart attack in Santa Monica on April 29. Sharkey, a friend of the spy, obtained permission to kill in 1989. He had previously made defensive tackles for the Chicago Bears and Los Angeles Rams in the 1960s.


The official James Bond Twitter account paid tribute Thursday, writing: “We regret to hear that Frank McRae, who played Sharkey in “Permit to Murder”, passed away. Our thoughts and His family and friends are together. The movie star expressed his condolences on social media and wrote: “The irreplaceable Frank McRae of RIP- 1944-2021. Such an excellent actor promoted him in “Everything I’ve Seen, Every Act, Every Movie.” From science fiction to action, drama, and comedy. The most famous fan of #JamesBond 夏基 is in #LicenceToKill (1989). `Our idea is to be with his family and friends: the official James Bond Twitter account surrenders on Thursday` Frank McRae has passed away. His character Sharkey is one of the highlights of “License to Murder”, he is charismatic and provides a great comedy effect. # RIPFrankMcRae # JamesBond. Not Frank McRae! It showed a typical angry police chief in 48 hours, the latest action hero and armored weapon of the national satirical force 1. Camden, Jason, and Holden. 


After a brief stay in the sports world, Frank entered show business in 1973 when he starred in the movie Robber Reed Youngblood (Reed Youngblood). In 1982, in “Last Action Hero” 11 years later, he imitated Lieutenant Dirk with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former athlete’s most important role is playing Timothy Dalton (the fourth acting agent) in job number 16 of series 007 with Timothy Dalton. Frank also appeared in four Sylvester Stallone films, including F.I.S.T. (1978), Paradise Alley (1978), Rocky II (1979) and Lock Up (1989). Since playing Cookie in the television movies “Love’s Long Journey” and “Love’s Abiding Joy” in 2005 and 2006, the Memphis native has maintained a relatively low-key figure on the screen. His last job was two years before his death. In the animated film “Sister 500 Feet”, he nicknamed the character General Jagger Daniels. Frank McRae with Unparalleled Peace: Movie Star Fans Express Condolences on Social Media

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