“It is a sin to recognize Joe Biden as President” – Pastor Robin Bullock

Joe Biden

Christian pastor Robin Bullock told the congregation that calling Joe Biden “President” is a sin.
The right-wing watch reposted a video of Bullock’s preaching, showing the pastor telling his countrymen to pray for Biden.
“You can pray for someone named Joe Biden. You should. No, no, don’t hate you. You should pray. Okay?” He began. “You can pray for the presidency. But you can’t pray for President Joe Biden, because you better pray for the Easter Bunny because he doesn’t exist.”
“And there is no anointing,” he said of Biden’s office. “And if you celebrate or congratulate him, you are trapped in his sin.”
Bullock is a self-proclaimed “prophet” who wrongly predicted that former President Donald Trump would win the 2020 presidential election. Bullock co-founded Youth Force Ministries Church International (Youth Force Ministries Church International) and hosted the weekly YouTube “prophetic” show called the 11th Hour.
Bullock said on that show of the YouTube Livestream on April 20: “Joe Biden is not a legitimate president.” “He’s a wolf sitting in a White House seat.” Bullock called Biden “detrimental to America.”
Bullock called Trump the “legitimate president.” He said prophets like him can “remember” Trump as president. He added that if Trump wants to return to the Oval Office, “God will move things supernaturally.”
Bullock also asked Biden to declare “this is a fraud,” and demanded that Biden “did not win legally” and “required Biden to stand up in front of the American people and admit what happened.”
The pastor said that Biden is trying to “stop President Trump’s prediction.” Bullock claimed that Biden would suffer under the “terrible burden” of “covering up the truth” and would be angry about it.

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