López Links The Arrest Of Emma Coronel With Investigation Against García Luna

After the arrest this Monday in the United States of Emma Coronel Aispuro, the wife of Joaquín Guzmán, nicknamed El Chapo , for drug trafficking , the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (nicknamed AMLO), said on Tuesday that “it is a matter that it corresponds “to the US authorities, although he added:” I hope the US government will inform more. ”

AMLO also indicated that the arrest of Coronel may be related to the trial against former Mexican Secretary of Security Genaro García Luna , when asked about what happened during a press conference with his Argentine counterpart, Alberto Fernández, who was visiting Mexico.

Colonel Aispuro, 31, of Mexican and US nationality, was arrested in Virginia on Monday accused of “considering” to import and distribute narcotics in the United States .

The Mexican president has criticized in recent months the United States authorities – and especially the Drug Control Administration (DEA, in English) and the sector of the Department of Justice that works in drug trafficking cases – for filing drug trafficking charges against Mexican citizens.

AMLO even suggested that the DEA “fabricated” charges against former Defense Secretary Salvador Cienfuegos, arrested in the United States and later released under pressure from Mexico . The Mexican Prosecutor’s Office later decided to dismiss a possible trial against Cienfuegos, whom the United States accused of collaborating with the drug trafficker.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox used this incident to criticize AMLO, anticipating the president’s possible reaction to Coronel’s arrest: ” Don’t worry Emma, ​​the president will come to the rescue ,” Fox told him in a post on the social network Twitter on Monday after she was arrested.

In response, hundreds of users reminded Fox that El Chapo escaped from a prison classified as maximum security during his government. A possible link to a drug bribery case.

On this occasion, AMLO did not question the US authorities but tried to argue that the arrest is possibly related to the arrest of another former secretary of the Mexican government, but that it was from the cabinet of a former president constantly criticized by López Obrador.

“The one who was Secretary of Public Security during the Calderón government [Genaro García Luna] is also detained, accused of receiving bribes from Mr. Guzmán Loera . Perhaps that is why the detention is also, possibly they have more information on how it was given. the relationship, how the collusion occurred, “speculated the Mexican president.

AMLO stated that it is possible that the US authorities are looking for information about how the alleged bribes that Genaro García Luna received, arrested in December 2019 in the United States for alleged links with the Sinaloa Cartel when he was responsible for the security of Mexico between 2006 worked. and 2012.

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