Meghan Markle and Her Son Spoke to the Members of the Royal Family Prior to Prince Philips’ Funeral

Meghan Markle

 Meghan Markle may not have attended Prince Philip’s funeral, but she is not far from the royal family. The 39-year-old Duchess of Sussex is currently pregnant and was advised by doctors not to attend Queen Elizabeth II’s husband’s funeral earlier this month. However, Markle’s husband and Philip’s grandson Prince Harry embarked on the journey.

It was previously reported that Markle sent heartfelt handwritten notes and wreaths to the Royal Family, but new news shows that she and her son Archie have gone one step further.

The source told People magazine: “Meghan spoke to Harry before Harry’s grandfather’s funeral.” Meghan and Archie also spoke to the Queen earlier this week.

Earlier, a source told the media that when Markle was advised not to attend the funeral, she extended her hand to the 95-year-old queen to express her “consolation.”

The source added at the time: “The queen knows why she cannot travel now.” The queen has four children of her own: Charles, Anne, Andrew, and Edward. Markle also watched the funeral on television from the house where Harry and Harry shared in Montecito, California.

A source recently told the media that Markle and Harry “kept in touch every day” when they visited the UK for the funeral. “She knows that it is difficult for Harry to travel to England. He does not want to leave Meghan and Archie. Alone,” they said. “Megan insists on him every day, even though they are fine. She doesn’t want him to worry.”

Another person familiar with the matter said: “This is a very difficult time. The Duke (of Edinburgh) is the head of the family. If you have time to meet, it is now.”

Despite the tension between the couple and members of the royal family, Harry said in February that he still kept in touch with his grandparents through video calls.

“Both my grandparents do Zoom,” Harry said in a conversation with James Corden. “They’ve seen Archie running around.”


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