Microsoft is fixing the torment of using Windows 10 applications on multiple displays

Secondary Display

In the event that you utilize a multi-screen arrangement on Windows 10 for gaming, work, or in light of the fact that it’s incorporated directly into your PC, you may have seen that applications can annoyingly move to some unacceptable presentation. Microsoft has declared that it’s at long last presenting a fix for the issue so that application windows act all the more typically, as detailed by The Verge.

The issue happens when your PC awakens from rest, as all the applications on your auxiliary screen can unexpectedly leap to your fundamental or PC show. “Subsequently, you need to re-drag application windows to the first, planned position pre-rest,” Microsoft’s Michelle Xiong clarifies. “This is probably going to lead you to feel baffled since this happens pretty much every time when your framework rests and removes time from your efficiency.”

The specialized term for the issue is “Quick Hot Plug Detect,” however with the most recent Windows Insider construct 21287 or above, Microsoft has attempted to moderate the issue. With this delivery, when you awaken from a rest, every one of your windows ought to seem where you recently left them.

You’ll have to join Microsoft’s Insider program to get the new element, which will work of course in case you’re associated with at any rate one outer screen with a PC, or two screens on a work area arrangement. It ought to likewise work across brands, equipment specs, and connector types. In case you’re not able to join the beta program to test it at this moment, Microsoft is relied upon to transport the last form by October 2021.

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