More Than 5000 Doctors In Madrid Are Summoned To Strike

More than 5,000 doctors in Madrid are summoned to an indefinite strike. The deficit of family doctors and pediatricians is the central protest of the Amyts union.

More than 5,000 Primary Care doctors are called by the Amyts union to an indefinite strike that starts this Wednesday to protest, among other reasons, the structural deficit of “more than 600 family doctors and 200 pediatricians” in Madrid health centers, according to EFE reports.

“Only 29 family doctors have been hired by the Ministry of Health in a pandemic year”, between October 2019 and December 2020, and the balance of pediatricians “is negative with three fewer positions,” the union said in a statement majority among Madrilenian doctors.

In total, there are ” more than 650 places for family doctors without substitutionin Madrid Primary Care. In more than 130 health centers, not even half of the absences of family doctors are replaced “, he assures based on” official data and those collected by Amyts. ”

The situation is “more flagrant in Pediatrics: more than 250 specialists are missing and only 100 are replaced . This means that the Community of Madrid, due to the conditions it offers its professionals, only manages to cover 40% of the positions left by our pediatricians, exhausted from the institutional neglect of recent years, “the statement added. For Primary Care dentists “in more than 84 health centers, even 50% of the absences of these professionals are not covered”.

Faced with this “serious scenario of lack of doctors”, the regional government argues “a national and practically inevitable problem,” according to Amyts. “It is not entirely true. Last summer the Administration had the opportunity to retain new family doctors and pediatricians who finished their residency in May. It did not do so,” adds the union.

He regrets that the Ministry of Health has not taken “any steps to avoid the conflict and has only imposed unilaterally abusive minimum services”, of 70% . “The inaction of the Ministry of Health can be seen on a day-to-day basis: nothing has been done to reduce the overload of care, the loss of professionals is not covered, excess bureaucracy is not eliminated and, on top of that, signed promises are breached” , he maintains.

Amyts assures that they have taken “goodwill steps with the Ministry of Health so as not to lead to a conflict in the last five months, but the Administration has not done its part”. For this reason, they have called this indefinite strike in Primary Care “as a way to dignify the work of physicians and, most importantly, improve care” for patients.

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