Mortal Kombat’s Writer Greg Russo Already Has Great Plans for It’s Sequel

Mortal Kombat

Did you watch the new Mortal Kombat film this end of the week? While it was definitely not an impeccable triumph, devotees of the hyper-brutal computer game shouldn’t have a lot to whine about—it’s staggeringly bona fide to its source material, directly down to the bloody fatalities. It seems like the spin-off, on the off chance that one gets made, will be too.

Talking with Syfy Wire, screenwriter Greg Russo clarified how centering the principal film left numerous pieces of the Mortal Kombat mythos accessible for what’s to come.

“In the rear of my head, I was continually thinking like, ‘Where would I be able to go? Where can the world go so that it’s not painted into a corner?’ And so one of the domains that I sensed that it didn’t bode well to present in this story since we were so centered around Earthrealm and Outworld, was Edenia, which is another huge domain in the Mortal Kombat universe. What’s more, that has a huge load of extraordinary characters that dwell there, their storylines meet there,” Russo said. “My number one character, Kitana, is a princess in Edenia and it simply didn’t feel an option to get her. There are different characters too that individuals love there, as Sindel and Jade and each one of those characters. So that is an entire domain that I believe merits investigating, and I have some truly cool thoughts of how I would manage storylines there.”

Obviously, on the off chance that you’ve seen the film, you realize that primary Mortal Kombat character Johnny Cage will more likely than not join the continuation, given that the film closes with Cole Young (Lewis Tan) going to Hollywood to select the celebrity. There’s additionally a beautiful strong possibility that Sub-Zero (Joe Taslim) will return, in spite of Scorpion (Hiroyuki Sanada) burning him with damnation in the film’s last battle. This is halfway on the grounds that nobody truly remains dead in Mortal Kombat; in the game mythos, Sub-Zero does kick the bucket and gets restored as Noob Saibot, likely in light of the fact that Sub-Zero is one of the establishment’s most well-known characters.

The entire meeting merits a read! Furthermore, on the off chance that you’ve understood this however some way or another haven’t seen Mortal Kombat at this point, it’s accessible now on HBO Max.

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