NASA’s silence on Mars mission!

For the last few days, NASA has been strictly commanding its Mars mission for the upcoming few weeks. Notably, the red planet and the Earth lie on the opposite sides of the Sun, which is the regular solar conjunction of Mars, this makes the other planets unable to look at each other.
The Sun gives out lots of heat and ionized gases from its corona, which enlarges within the space and can clog radio signals and the other commands followed by the blockage of communication to the spacecraft.
On Thursday, the officials of NASA in a press release detailed that most of the missions would discontinue passing on the commands to the Mars spacecraft between Saturday and the upcoming day.

Few of them would enlarge the moratorium within a day or few, although this decision significantly depends on the angular span between Mars and the Sun within the Earth’s sky.
However, this mission won’t be fully inactive during this period.
Earlier, this year the Perseverance Mars Rover, landed on Mars Surface. Significantly, the Rover would take the weather measurements with its Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer Sensors to executes the Radar Imager for Mars’s Subsurface experiment Radar to capture the latest sounds using its microphones and look for dust devils using its cameras.
The ingenuity Mars Helicopter is not scheduled to fly but it would interact providing its updates and status to the Percy, each week. Since 2012, the Curiosity Mars Rover has been landed on the planet’s surface to keep a track of the weather measurements. These measurements would be done with the help of Rover environmental monitoring stations sensors, which would look for the dust devils using their cameras and take radiations using its Radiation assessment detector and Dynamic Albedo of Neutrons sensors.
Furthermore, the InSight lander of NASA would continue to utilize its seismometer for detecting temblors and other three orbiters of NASA from the surface missions and back to the Earth’s surface, to collect their information.
The manager of Mars Relay Network at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Roy Gladden, in a statement said, that although the Mars mission of NASA won’t be much active in comparison to the last few weeks, still NASA would try to know the states of their well being. Every mission has been provided a few tasks to be nurtured till not commanded.
Significantly, the team NASA claimed that there would be the availability of few temporary pauses in raw pictures from Perseverance, InSight, and Curiosity.
Followed by the moratorium, the spacecraft would continue to share the leftover data and information with the Deep Space Network of NASA, which is mainly an international array of massive radio antennas which are managed by JPL.
Further, it can be said that NASA engineers, would spend a week downloading the pieces of information earlier than the standard spacecraft operation are capable to resume.
Although, the experts clarified that their analysis depicts that while space radiations force the precise restrictions and exhibit the technological hardships for mankind and their missions related to Mars.

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