Progress made by firefighters in 2 large wildfires in California, Oregon

Authorities said on Monday that firefighters in California and Oregon had made progress in fighting two fires that burned about 240,000 acres in extreme heatwaves. The Beckwourth Complex is the largest wildfire in California and has burned more than 91,200 acres of land. Fire officials said the control rate on Monday night was 26%, higher than Sunday’s 8%.

Firefighters working in the hot weather struggled to control California’s largest wildfire this year, and after a fire in neighboring Oregon interrupted the supply of power to three main transmission lines, state power operators urged people to save energy.

Large areas of the western region warmed at triple-digit temperatures over the weekend and are expected to continue until the beginning of the workweek. The California Independent System Operator, which manages the state’s power grid, issued a five-hour “flex alert” starting at 4 pm. On Monday, you asked consumers to”conserve as much electricity as possible” to avoid power outages.

Authorities said the fire was triggered by lightning in the Plumas National Forest in northern California near the border with Nevada. The fire department said that about 20 houses in the small town of Doyle were destroyed.

Jack Kagle, the head of the California Incident Management and Operations Department, said that the fire was very serious. He said that the “probability of ignition”  is 100%, which means that any embers or phosphorus in the fuel bed will cause a fire.

“That’s the kind of extreme weather conditions we’re dealing with,” Cagle said in a video briefing Monday. “And it’s still early. This is stuff that we expect in August, for the past five, six, seven years — now we’re seeing it earlier in July.”

In southern Oregon, the Bootleg fire had expanded by about 5,000 acres by Monday morning, which is an improvement from the doubling of the fire area in recent days. It is estimated that the fire area exceeds 150,800 acres or about 234 square miles. It burned in the Fremont-Winema National Forest and started on Tuesday afternoon. The reason has not yet been determined.

Firefighters said that Sunday’s smoke reversal enabled firefighters to establish and strengthen fire lines. A spokesperson for the Oregon Fire Department said the fire had destroyed seven houses. Most areas of the western United States have been dealing with extremely high temperatures that have already set or equal temperature records. The heatwave in most areas has reached its peak, but the high-temperature warning will still exist. The National Weather Service said it wasn’t in place until Tuesday night.

California is getting rid of what fire officials call one of the worst years of wildfires in the state. According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, it includes four of the five largest wildfires in California history. The fifth most destructive wildfire in the state was the northern complex, which killed 15 people and destroyed more than 2,300 houses and other buildings. , Also happened last year. 

Oregon also has a wildfire season, which the governor said is different from any recent season. According to a government report issued in January, more than 1 million acres of land were burned, more than 5,000 houses and commercial buildings were destroyed, and 9 people were killed.

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