Rebuilding of Ponce de Leon outlet confirmed by Krispy Kreme!

Fans of Shaq’s iconic Krispy Kreme location in Ponce de Leon today have reason to be happy because a statement from Krispy Kreme confirmed the plan to rebuild the donut shop and received a land development permit application submitted by Krispy Kreme support. Burnt Donut Shop website.

The Krispy Kreme Donut Corporation’s statement on behalf of Cassandra Williams confirmed, “as we and Shaquille have said since, after the first fire, our plan is to rebuild as soon as possible … and be back better and sweeter than ever, serving delicious doughnuts and providing an awesome doughnut experience to everyone in the Ponce neighborhood and those who visit.” The statement also confirmed that the company is “in the process of applying for necessary permits… toward construction of a new Ponce shop, including efforts to retain and refurbish some of its original elements such as our historic sign.”

This represents a major turning point. Just 24 hours ago, What Now Atlanta reported that this nearly 70-year-old donut shop was originally scheduled to take place for the second time in the closed business on July 8, 2021. It was demolished after the fire. In February 2021, after the first fire (considered arson), the structure was severely damaged.

At the time of yesterday’s post, there were no more details about the future of the site, making doughnut fans and local landmarks sad about the prospect of losing such a beloved institution.

Josh Cochran wrote on Facebook: “Ugh. I wish they would catch the person who did this. Sad to see this neighborhood gem go away.” Many users share childhood stories of storage visits, even with hashtags. #ShaqBringItBack begged the famous shop owner to restore the gem of this place to start.

However, the statement and the land development permit application submitted to the City of Atlanta confirm that Ponce Krispy Kreme will return. The submitted permit describes  “site improvement work for the new building”  at a cost of US$300,000. Site work will include “grading, stormwater management, utilities, paving, and site access improvements” to construct a 3,800 square foot structure. The document also listed Krispy Kreme as the owner of the land and listed it in the project description, all of which confirmed Krispy Kreme Corporation’s statement.

No other details have been released regarding the exact appearance of the replacement in the historical location. However, Krispy Kreme also stated that they are “pledge to keep the community informed as we embark on the path to turning back on our legendary glazer and Hot Light at Ponce.” Please stay tuned for these updates, as this doughnut shop’s details are still in the oven.

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