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Games are always fun and it is a good & better entertainment source, stress relievers. A decade ago, there were so few games and the categories were low. But today, with the increasing technology and population, new games are releasing with various different story plots. That leads to various games of various categories. As we have told earlier that games are stress relievers, we all love to play a game in our short break to gain back the momentum to put ourselves back at work again. If the game comes with unbelievable action and graphics, it is impossible to get over that kind of Action game. There are several games available online that belong to action games, only a few stand out to be odd amongst the whole genre. In this article, we are going to look at such an action game named Slap Kings Mod APK.

This game is the modified version of Slap King’s original game and it is packed with action and thus, it is so entertaining to play. The game is created upon the concept of a Usual tournament in which a couple of people slap each other one by one. The win the powerful slap gets the higher hand in the round. There will be slap challenges and you can play with various players and win them. The game is based on a unique plot style & it will not be the same at every level. It is fun to play & the opponent strength is increased as you advance in the game. This game is full of fun animation. The mod offers you unlimited money and you can access anything with that money. The coins also increase as fast as you spend in the game for resources to increase health and power.

Details of Slap Kings Mod APK

Are you curious about games with exciting, crazy plots? This might fit in your box! Download Slap Kings Mod APK to battle with other opponents and be the scariest slapper of all time!

Slap Kings MOD APK is a tournament in which players must knock out their foes from one another. Sounds silly? Yeah, it’s pretty stupid, but it’s also funny to watch and play!

 Name: Slap Kings Mod APK
 Developer: Lion Studios
 Category: Action


Single Player


Size: 101 MB
MOD Available(Unlimited Money, No Ads)
 Version: 1.3.2 (Latest)
 Price: Free
 Latest Updated on: 09 February 2021 (the latest version)
 Availability: WorldWide
 Safety: Safe
 Language: English
 Download link Slap Kings 
 Requirements: requires Android 4.4 version or above.
 Rating: 4.3 (above seven hundred and fifty-one thousand reviews)
 Downloads: Fifty (50) Million Plus Downloads

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Introduction – Slap Kings Mod APK

Slap Kings invites you to the duel arena mode where each faces formidable enemies.  you arena, where you can face formidable opponents. In simple words, players in the game take the role of the character and take part in turn-based fights. One has to slap enemies and defend blows before the power of their character goes out the streak. The gameplay is not that difficult actually, but attaining skills that lead the opponent to lose a lot of stamina is a completely different story plot. Being placed in the first place is also a super advantage for the Player at their turn. When you kick out your foe, you will get the win along with the ability to unlock new, more challenging missions. The game provides players with a more simplistic, enjoyable action mode game.
Despite the fact that the main gameplay involves slapping the enemy, the developers have created a rather professional arena. If you think that is a boxing match, you are wrong. There would be a fence in between you and your enemy, and you both are under the witness of the people watching the battle between you two. The two were divided by the table, which they used as a springboard for powerful slaps. Hide ‘n Seek! And Kick the Buddy are the games that resemble a similar story to this game. This exciting action game mode will offer you thrills.

Slap Kings Mod APK Gameplay

Slap Kings is a combat game focused on turns that turn each side of two slappers in a game. When you’re the initial one to launch, you have an advantage. The enemy offers you a slap after you’ve finished your turn. Each side displayed its own HP to be given to both players. Of course, the group that runs out of HP will lose first. If the player uses a moderate and precise power, KO will completely occur. Each time, the character makes some really nice movements, which are briefly seen as a vital result.

Since winning, players are still up against each other. The level of difficulty would steadily increase and the intelligence of AI. Simultaneously, the clock pace would also grow quickly. Thus, the game is boring for fans, not because of repeated gameplay.

The theme of the game is very exciting when both sides are based upon the ‘war of the hand power.’ Have you ever before seen slap contests? It’s new and enjoyable.

Features of Slap Kings Mod APK

  • Simple to slap

Slap Kings’ gameplay is generally very easy and non-complex. When you want to hit a blow, you just have to keep on tapping the screen. If the bar shows a blue field, it means the power of your hit is maximum.

You and your enemies have health indicators over the screen. The index is different for the Play. This health would be diminished if it is slapped. The previous null-index individual fails. Don’t you want to fail, do you?

  • Be the Slap King

Your character has to pass one by one to defeat. Typically the next player is better than the previous player.

And you’re King Slap when you kick out all the enemies in the game. That is the ultimate objective of the game and everyone wants it.

  • Fabulous interface

The game material is usually about knocking over and over again. But what’s this game like for people? Many explanations exist.

Next, you’re not just going to confront athletes. Often you will meet a variety of adversaries, including sandbags, fish, bricks, watermelon heaps. You will also encounter students, overweight men, thugs, masters of martial arts and many characters. Additional material.

Second, not just slapping is slapping. You can cause extremely funny results when you achieve the accuracy of your slap. Acrobatics, for instance, round, leap up and down, kick off the opponent’s ring.

Third, you’ll laugh nonstop at the musical effects of the game.

  • Upgrading character

One gets normal premiums and gold coins when they win a match. They are very helpful in upgrading the strength of your character. Two upgradable indicators are available: power and health.
Health: This index will increase your health. The higher the wellbeing, the higher the blow can be resisted with such compatibility.
Slap power: The more powerful your slap can be, the more dangerous you are.

The game’s weakness (Slap Kings Mod APK)

According to some users, the game is a little boring. More new modes are required like Tournaments, forms of challenge, etc.
Need more on sound and effects.
The game does not allow your character to be customised. Hopefully, the game would be more diverse, allowing for personalization or character selection.

Mod APK Features of Slap Kings

After each game, the amount of rewards of money earned is not much, so the character upgrading process is slow. The answer here is to go with Slap Kings’ MOD edition!
MOD Functions
Unlimited Money: one can easily update their character index using the unlimited amount of money available.
No Advertising: Play more fun with this game, slap pain when ads do not continuously pop up.
Download Slap Kings Mod APK
  • Delete the play store version if you have.
  • Download the Latest version of Slap Kings Mod APK
  • Then do some general setup before installing the downloaded application.
  • Then try installing the application and wait until the application gets installed.
  • After it gets installed, open the application and provide the permissions it asked for.
  • That’s it, you have successfully installed the Slap Kings Mod APK with unlimited resources of money and no Ads feature.


To enjoy competition without really being knocked by a Russian man of 300 pounds, you can download Slap Kings APK now. The game’s too much fun to play, so what do you expect?! Try it free now!. There’s plenty of commercials for Slap Kings. It’s less fun to play. However, with the MOD version, one would be super relaxed.

You might think that there is nothing special about this game, but it has heroic and stress-relieving features that have made it into the Android games library and users across the globe love it. It definitely puts a good mood if you are running anxious and in a bad mood. No matter what, you’ll really have hilarious laughter and download this game onto your Android phone!

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