Spain Suspends Summons To Administer New Doses To People Over 80 Years

The Government of the Community of Madrid has canceled the citation for new doses of the Pfizer vaccine for those over 80 years of age. An email to which this newspaper has had access, sent to the primary care health offices this Monday at 7:58 p.m., communicated:

“In relation to the supply of the Pfizer vaccine aimed at the vaccination of those over 80 years of age, The General Directorate of Public Health has indicated to us the need to adjust the doses to be administered during the days of March 11 to 17, to citizens who are already mentioned in the covid vaccination agenda, due to a readjustment in the supply of vaccines ”.

This “readjustment” is due to the “lack of vaccines”, explains a spokesman for the Ministry of Health: “The rate of vaccination is going to be lowered because it is necessary to reserve already doses for the second”. According to the Ministry of Health, “the planned doses of Pfizer have arrived”, informs Pablo Linde .

In other words, the reorganization is due to the Community’s own planning —and that it organized the last week of February for the elderly and teachers in 48 hours.-, and it started this Tuesday morning.

“It will be carried out keeping the patients mentioned until 9:00 p.m. today, March 8, so that from tomorrow morning NO [sic] any new appointment will have to be arranged, since it will not take effect in the calculation of the vials to distribute to each health center during these days ”.

02/09/2021 Health workers in the vaccination registry room to inject the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine against Covid-19 to health workers at the Infanta Sofía Hospital in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid (Spain), on February 9, 2021. Health workers began to be vaccinated at the hospital on January 11.

Since then, priority has been given to immunizing all health personnel and other professionals who work on the front line with “covid patients” in the center. HEALTH Marta Fernández Jara – Europa Press

Madrid improvises in 48 hours the vaccination of the elderly and teachers
The second injections of the vaccination campaign from primary school, they explain in the mail, are planned and cited as of March 18, “the appointment must only be maintained for second doses as of March 18 and until another action is indicated. ”. The forecast for the next few weeks is uncertain .

According to the same spokesperson for the council: “It depends on what we are getting into. Every week we find a different situation ”. Although, he points out, “it must be clear that the doses already mentioned are going to continue to be applied.” Next week, figure, “35,000 enter for the first dose in primary care.”

Until this Monday, 643,424 doses had been inoculated in Madrid, 86% of those received —529,935 from Pfizer, 51,300 from Moderna and 167,200 from AstraZeneca -. 179,265 people already have the complete guideline.

Although on Monday the Ministry of Health did not give percentages on the scope of the priority groups vaccinated, last Friday the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Antonio Zapatero, updated these data: “More than 90,000 people aged 80 or over, 30,000 from the Forces Armed forces, security, emergency and civil protection bodies, 34,000 teachers and 2,500 large employees ”.

And he announced that this week they would begin to inoculate those large dependents who are at home without the possibility of traveling and also those who can do so to health centers: “more than 23,000”, he said.

What the Community did explain on Monday was that “all the groups are underway” and that one of the priority groups, that of those over 80, was proceeding from “older to less”, which is being organized from the health centers and that also “are included” those that have private insurance.

Something that is also alluded to in the email, but not as a process that was already underway: “The lists of mutual members over 80 years of age will be sent, as well as of large dependents without identifying problems. of displacement, so that, in the event that a dose is available (due to adjustment, failure in the appointment or similar), the appointment can be managed with the older citizens of these population groups ”.

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