Tess Holiday Claims She Was the Victim of Overwhelming Hate After Announcing She Had Anorexia

Tess Holliday

 The diagnosis of anorexia nervosa by oversized model Tess Holliday has raised suspicion and obesity phobia in people, what experts call a serious misunderstanding of eating disorders.

Holliday tweeted on May 1: “I am anorexic and on the mend. I am no longer ashamed to say it out loud.” Now write my own narrative. I was finally able to care for a body that was punished all my life, and I was finally free. 

Many of Holliday’s 92,000 Twitter followers thanked her for her outspokenness. One tweet read: “This is so important for people to know that anyone of any shape or size can suffer from anorexia. ” Another wrote: “The narrative on [eating disorders] needs to be expanded to include people of all sizes.” But many people do not accept this idea. 

One user tweeted: “Anorexia ??? I think you mean body deformity …”. One woman added: “Weight is not an anorexic person.” “In fact, he insults a hungry person.” And: “She is the opposite of anorexia.” 

Holliday, now 35, said “Thursday.” Good Morning America, even she has a hard time accepting this diagnosis. She said: “I always thought I was too tall. But then, people in my life would say,” oh, I eat more than Tess, “and it’s almost like I’m wearing it as a medal of honor. She added,” I’ve received a lot of information from people with anorexia, which makes people feel angry and angry because they think I’m lying. I have enough body, but I advocate for diversity and a bigger body so I think it’s really tough and difficult and confusing for people who hear me say I’m anorexic. 

“Holliday’s physical activity can be seen in her styling work and in the #EffYourBeautyStandards initiative, which aims to celebrate the diversity of photos on social media. On Thursday, Holliday gave a speech about the public’s reaction to this news. It has been the most difficult moment since she became a public figure ”. He wrote on Instagram. “The hate has always been overwhelming, but those of you who have been seen, confirmed, and loved have much more information than the critics.” Holliday did not share any details of her eating disorder with the public. 

According to the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), anorexia is characterized by weight loss, usually caloric restriction or compulsive exercise, eating or clearing food, or taking laxatives. People tend to lose weight despite being underweight. 

Preoccupation with gaining weight, which is the cause of anorexia. Another diagnosis is atypical anorexia, which in addition to being underweight also meets the traditional criteria for anorexia. NEDA spokesperson Chelsea Kronengold (Chelsea Kronengold) explained to Yahoo Life (Yahoo Life): “Atypical anorexia is anorexia, but it has spotted. Atypical anorexia is classified as” another specific eating disorder “(OSFED), which Kronengold calls “in general terms, those diseases that cannot be neatly placed in the box.” Other OSFED examples: NEDA describes a purging disorder without bulimia or “night eating,” that is, eating after waking up or overeating after dinner. “People with atypical anorexia, whose medical and psychological complications mirror traditional anorexia, but due to stigma, are often misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed,” Kronengold said. “This makes the misreporting of these eating disorders less serious and permanent,” Kronengold said that people mistakenly believe that eating disorders are related to weight. Weight can be a manifestation of diseases, but in nature, they are biological, social, and psychological diseases, where food is used as a coping mechanism, especially after trauma. Anyone can develop an eating disorder. “It will not be distinguished by age, race, socioeconomic status, weight or body shape.” 

Holliday’s health depends on her own business, but her income will undoubtedly help shed the stigma. She wrote to Instagram: “To everyone who keeps saying ‘You look healthy lately’ or ‘You’re losing weight, stay healthy! ” “stop.” “No. Leave a comment. Regarding. My weight. Or, perceived health. keep. that. to. yourself. Thanks. “

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